It might – just might – be poor eyesight that makes it difficult to see the print on the computer at hand.  The suspicion is, however, that the color settings in the set up are different from that of the other computer; and, yours truly is most reluctant to get into the set up and mess.  Having reached the point of highlighting things to be able to read them, action of some sort seemed reasonable. 

One possibility was to change the contrast.  That changed a lot of blue to black; and, that was, indeed, much easier to read.  Sadly, a few things also vanished from sight including the weblog pictures and the desktop.  They were around, of course, just buried by the contrasting.  Another possibility was to change the size of the type.  That helped, too, only it didn’t change everywhere, just here and there. 

The way the light shines through the window could also be a factor.  Things are more readable at night – not great, just more readable.  It all probably can be adjusted somehow; but, for the moment, it would seem enough time has been wasted.  It’s Easter Sunday; and, since presently the hands are barely usable, it something else to be figured out later.  There is a time to quit. 

May everyone have a nice Easter. 


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