Days Of Note

Today, a day called “April Fool’s Day” by much of the English-speaking world for some reason (?) that’s not going to be resurrected at the moment, might be considered a day maybe two or three notches above Friday, The Thirteen.  One is supposed to be alert to peculiar things.  It’s a lovely spring day.  It’s not a time to be doing anything but appreciating a lovely spring day after a snowy, chilly winter, even if it wasn’t a particularly bad winter. 

And, there is no need for concocted dire events in the vicinity of yours truly.  The “regular” homemaker aide has apparently quit.  At least that’s the word that was handed out yesterday afternoon.  Adjustments will be further adjusted; calculating how is at hand.  Three fingers of one hand are swollen about twice their normal size due to the exertions demanded by the bug business, which isn’t over with yet.  That’s only two things. 

Every day has a reason to be “noticed.”  On an individual basis, some are more noteworthy than others.  If the individual basis applies to many people (such as Independence Day applies to all Americans), then it’s time for special things.  There is very little good in recalling additional days on flimsy grounds as happens not just today but several times throughout the year. 

Griping has it’s uses.  


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