So Rare Indeed….

The near to hourly check (including through the night to some extent) for internet “connectivity” has found nothing available for some days now.  There are two to three unsecured wireless systems available when they are available.  Part of the lack of access might be the new location of the computer, but yours truly can’t do anything about that at the moment.  The bug business is not finished.  Neither is the government or social services for that matter. 

Until there seems to be some change in the interference or whatever it is that denies a connection, it’s difficult to write a current message.  Whatever is written is timely, but the next day something else is likely to happen to take precedence.  So, a short synopsis of sorts of some highlights to Thursday, March 25, 2010,  much of it done about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, March 20, 2010 (while lunch was heating): 

The living room couch is gone and the seating possibilities included the scooter, the likes of the deflating air bed or edge of the bathtub, until the hole in the air bed got so big it held no air even with paper stuffed in the hole.  Something else to sit on has to be found and bought.  Much has been done with some of the government, but they still want one paper that couldn’t be copied until today.  The daily record keeping is a mess.  The landlady has already been by to say the carpet has to be cleaned. 

Some recollections are very depressing. 


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