And, Things Unfold….

Doing things just under the wire has been the order of the day for a couple of days, and “new” things keep surfacing.  Tuesday maintenance came quite unexpectedly to change the air filters.  Following the normal procedure of three floors at a time starting with the 9th floor, they should have arrived on Wednesday.  They couldn’t help but see the two foot dirty-from-walking place on the rug usually under a throw rug.  There is likely to be an order to have the rug cleaned in the near future. 

At least maintenance didn’t see dead bugs laying around as yours truly, who has much difficulty in pushing a sweeper, managed to sweep the carpet Monday.  It’s rather difficult sweeping the carpet while sitting in a scooter.  Practically speaking, the sweeping was a waste of time.  Wednesday pest control arrived and killed and scattered about some more insects.  (The couch has to go.)  The computer has to be completely shut down to sweep the rug (to use the outlet), and it has to be completely packed away for pest control. 

So, everything had to be packed up for the pest control (which is coming back, so there’s no sense in unpacking), and as much as possible will need to be hauled out into the hall for the rug cleaning.  It’s not a good idea to just keep on going and go out through the front door, as there is yet nowhere else to go short of a motel.  The uninformed have the insane notion this is fun and games living. 

Staying alive is an accomplishment. 


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