At the moment, yours truly is blessed with 1) a computer that still manages to function 2) an internet connection that seems relatively stable and 3) a few spare minutes.  The same thing existed last evening; but, yesterday was homemaker aide day, among other things, and by the time there was a chance to compose something there was little ability to put any sentences together. 

There is a disruptive thing at hand in that (as some know) an account was unceremonious disconnected by some unknown glitch in the works.  There’s stuff in the account.  If it were possible to get the stuff out of the account, the search engine could do whatever wanted with it.  In the meantime, every couple of days it’s rather necessary to dig out the contact business to keep things alive there. 

In addition to things lost in that as well as that which is unavailable on the computer in storage, there are new things found that are helpful.  Two sites to join were found.  One was joined.  Someone dumped a load of spam on the first posting.  Once that matter was fixed, someone else came along and further confused things as a result of the fixing.  This morning it may all be sorted out.  It’s an important historic website. 

Discoveries that can’t be used are nothing. 


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