It’s A New Month

All activity these days is being severely interrupted by the bug business.  For one thing, the couch has to go.  Even if the bug patrol gets rid of the insects that decided it would make a good home, the building has the creatures and the couch is a prize location for a new “population.”  Among other things, the fabric is a loose weave plaid.  It gives easy access into the cushions.  Many threads are the same rusty color as the insects. 

Since the couch has to go (and it’ll take $50 to get it out of the apartment) a replacement is needed.  However, yours truly does not want another heavy piece of furniture of any sort.  Even if something is found that can be paid for more or less just on the timing of a whim, the bug patrol won’t be done for at least a couple of weeks.  The only thing to sit on is the scooter. 

Nonetheless, a little was accomplished in the realm of the new blogdom.  Some clarification was requested in the help center and obtained.  And, at least a couple of sometimes former readers were notified of the new location.  However, there couldn’t be much exploring of the various workings. 

There should be gratitude for anything. 


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