What to do next is always a problem for some people.  There is, say, one hour of time and two things to do each of which takes an hour.  If it’s a matter of life and death, obviously first priority goes to people.  Other living things and money also merit high priority.  For the average person, it’s seldom a matter of life and death. 

Case in point:  there hasn’t been much time for computer things  for a couple of days in the world of yours truly.  It was necessary to recover from the visit by the bug patrol and deal with the likes of getting food and U.S. mail.  A glance at the clock at 9:00 p.m. Thursday required a decision:  suffer with the system to check email, write message for posting, explore the workings of the super gadget, eat supper, or take a quick nap (with the greatest urge being the nap). 

It shouldn’t take long to write a couple of paragraphs, but often it does take a while, especially if a nap is advisable.  The choice was to again skip any studying (email included), nap after a note for posting and eat still later.  Maybe it’ll all line up okay eventually. 

Sometimes things work out all right.     


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