Name Change And More

In regard to the name change above:  well, what’s above fits better than what was there before.  There was one thing that fit the space still better, but not yours truly.  Even if the form to put stuff on is changed, it’s got a good ring to it.  And, changing the name was a matter of trying something said to be possible, if one so wished. 

All of that, however, did not do much about the figuring out of the workings of the electronic gizmo being used.  This much was in effect:  it wasn’t possible to save but one draft of composition.  In other words, there was no putting down a start for both weblogs.  Whatever was put on one form appeared on the other form, if the other form was accessed.  Deleting it there deleted it on the original.  Today’s try is another attempt.  It looks like it may work. 

Still on the positive side, loading things in draft may have become just a tad more academic anyway, because the picture of living has changed.  As described in The Diary’s blog, there is a good thing (or maybe under conditions “x” and “z” bad thing?) that happened.  The homemaker aide service is no longer most essential for food.  The little store around the corner can provide a supply.  There’s plenty of figuring to be done there, too. 

Life is terribly full of little details. 


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