Investigating More

In the light of Thursday’s unexpected loss, the matter of figuring out how to do this stuff has become more imperative. Considering the bugs (the specific directives came yesterday afternoon), the lack of homemaker aide service (getting groceries has new aspects) and “ordinary” concerns, the timing is lousy. 

In spite of things like thinking it would be a good idea to hurry up and fish out cached copies of the old blog, some adjustments were made in the settings.  (Screen images of what could be found of the old blog were filed in with the pictures.  They will be miserable if not impossible to read.  The print was reduced about fourfold).  The adjustments didn’t work. 

Therefore, although living was very upset, yours truly again tried something different. As can be seen, something to read did not get posted yesterday. This entry doesn’t seem to be too informative, but this is presently a trial and error world; and, it’s a time when it’s also necessary to remember to do things like turn the heating system off and on (it seems to be malfunctioning again). 

Tomorrow often brings something new.  


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