A Treasure Indeed, But….

It’s a sad afternoon for yours truly.  The sort of last minute plan for the day was to go to the bank.  The fact is, there has been no desire to move so much as a foot, but there is little cash money at hand.  Fortunately there is some that can be claimed in the bank.  Getting there has been a matter of when as in today (?), tomorrow (?), Monday (?), will this or that last that long…? 

There was a bit of time last evening, so an entry for this weblog was started.  There was just a little bit to add this morning.  That was done, and the diary’s entry was also done.  And, somehow, although the entry for here was saved as before, when the diary’s entry was saved, the work for here was wiped out, completely deleted.  The program is a good thing; but, there is little time to study it. 

To make matters worse, the things for the bank were gathered up minimally in ample time anyway and a taxi was called, which service never showed up in a timely manner.  It would be different if the winter weather had just suddenly happened, but it’s been cold and snowy for quite a number of days now.  One would think things were adjusted. 

Sometimes one must start over. 


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