Trial And Error Continues

There’s no internet “connectivity” again, at the moment.  There hasn’t been much for a while again.  Maybe such “whiles” should be noted down so the mention of them could be more specific, but that would take an awfully lot of bookkeeping and checking.  There was a shred long enough to check one email account and two newsy front pages.  (One can’t have everything.)     

The situation is a somewhat unwanted golden opportunity to try this “super gadget” system a little more, i.e., in this case in regard to such as saving drafts.  In addition to the lack of “connectivity,” the homemaker aide service was cancelled for today (the second week of no service).  Whether the woman was coming today or not was not going to be decided until this morning.  That’s not enough time for yours truly to figure out the errands. 

There is something else to do, in fact several things; but, the trash can be carried out later and the telephone calls can be made anytime in the near future, while it’s to be remembered the weblog was once an essentially life-saving thing.  It’s a serious test run – lunch was candy (peppermint disks) and black coffee until 2:30 p.m. then a hunk of bread and cheese. 

Opportunities don’t always materialize. 


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