Note The Calendar

Some of these messages are not written due to any desperate need to be writing something down. It’s more a matter of communication being tossed to the winds, which, apart from a solid one-on-one conversation of some importance, is much of the essence of communications. Perhaps someone “out there” interested in or in need of what is being said will find it.

Since the bug patrol found a bed bug in the apartment, there will no doubt be substantial activity around the place, probably ending, as before, with yours truly running for some place else to set up camp. For now, today’s notes about this host site: while it’s a highly rated place, a bunch of gadgets to pick from still hasn’t been found. The search bar to the left, for example, doesn’t search the internet. It only searches the blog. There isn’t much to search as that takes hundreds of entries. On the other hand, the little calendar, in addition to being a calendar, is one like newspaper columnists use. The highlighted days show when a message has been posted. It is some professional stuff.

How to get such goodies as a search bar for the internet has to be explored in the likes of the help center, which can be time consuming, and it may only be barely possible considering the bug business.

Anything created has both good and bad.


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