A Little Fixed, A Little Foreseen

There have been two days of unexpected upheaval for yours truly, a few hints about which are posted in the diary’s blog in case someone wonders why there’s a day missing in the postings. In all likelihood such will continue well beyond the foreseeable future.

A lot of details about doing this weblog renewal activity may never be sorted out. Presently there is at hand a wondering about how to change the date from the current one for a delayed entry. Another is figuring out the spell check. Two really bothersome things, however, have been resolved. One is keeping the number of postings visible in reasonable bunches, like three or four. No one wants a suggestion of endless reading. The help desk helped with that. The other is getting the time to be the correct local time.

The apartment is going to be sprayed for bugs. That will no doubt be a time consuming and very annoying business. From the looks of things, today’s plague, if nothing else, is not going to end in this lifetime. The trick is going to be how to live with it. Unfortunately, as well as undoubtedly, there will be some more words about it here and there.

Some parts of life are not wanted.


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